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Gear Factory

Gear Factory by Atomic Crew is a Unity3D component suite for procedural gears and hierarchical calculated rotational motion, based on gear ratios.

In short: draws your gears and/or makes them turn.

The procedural components are fully separated from the components responsible for the movement calculations. This allows you to model your own (more complex or detailed) gears and power them with the same Gear Factory machine component as you would power your procedural gears. You only need to specify the number of teeth of the gear and you’re ready to go!

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  • All sourcecode included (C#)
  • Tested for mobile
  • Separation of concern
  • 3D and 2D procedural gears
  • Configurable tip, valley, twist, skew angles
  • Multiple machines per scene
  • In editor quick machine setup
  • Pre calculated turn directions
  • Small cpu-usage and memory footprint motions
  • Manual override any parameter
  • Synchronize speed
  • Reverse rotation (with optional subtree reverse)
  • Switchable auto set driven by
  • Align teeth and position with parent
  • Normal generation with auto split (hard edge)
  • UV offset and tiling configurable over 3 dimensions
  • UV planar and box mapping
  • Auto tangent calculation
  • In-editor machine state overview
  • 3D auto-correction for angled gears



The following video gives a first look at some of the possibilities. All graphics are realtime in-editor recorded.

Documentation & Support

View the Tutorial PDF to get you started !

For development information, please view our Gear Factory documentation.

Support thread on Unity3D support forum


Version 1.8 (05-02-2018):

  • Replaced deprecated GUI stuff
  • Marble demo is back

Version 1.7 (03-04-2017):

  • cleaned up the project
  • removed ray of gears example
  • simplified the simple example
  • replaced old particle system in organ demo
  • bugfix for missing mesh when creating prefab
  • all in unity editor generated meshes are now saved in the unity assetdatabase
  • inverse tree traversal recalculates hierarchy and allows to change powered gear at runtime
  • bugfix for error when cloning gear (int32 parse error)
  • bugfix in alignment positioning on size calculation
  • new alignment features in GFGear
  • alignment parameter helper editor indicators on GFGear
  • new Script Example scene that will showcase all generic script examples
  • GFGear now has currentSpeed property (in degrees per second).
  • GFGear has ratio (the traditional gear ratio: local ratio in relation to gear that powers it) property.
  • GFGear has machine ratio property (global ratio in relation to the gear that is powered by the machine).
  • GFGear inspector has information pane that shows realtime current speed, ratio’s.
  • GFMachine and GFGear have SetSpeedByGear and SetSpeed methods which alters the machine speed based on a desired gear speed (see ChangePoweredGear script in the script examples scene).
    This way you can change the speed of a gear without changing the powered gear.

Version 1.6 (26-06-2016):

  • Bugfix for framerate drop in editor when aligning using auto teeth or auto radius with parent.

Version 1.5 (13-04-2015):

  • Unity 5 version with converted examples (some were removed due to feature deprecation by Unity) and all warnings fixed.

Version 1.4 (16-01-2014):

  • Changed all new properties to serialized properties (for multiobject edit, undo and prefab overrides)
  • Minor bugfix in normal calculation
  • Optimized inspector code
  • Optimized inspector presentation
  • Better calculation of batching info
  • New gear type: ring gears
  • Auto switch to ring gear when innerradius exceeds radius
  • Auto swap teeth properties when switching to ring gear
  • Option to switch off drawing outer edge in 3d
  • New option to twist the outside too
  • Button to move freely / snap to parent
  • Gears can now align to ring gears (and through align method by code)

Version 1.3 (17-06-2013):

  • Bugfix for synced speed
  • Tip angle offset
  • Valley angle offset
  • Improved new normal calculation (GenerateNormals function deprecated)
  • Split vertices based on configurable angle (great hard and soft edges)
  • UV box mapping
  • UV offset and tiling configurable in 3 dimensions
  • Fixed to keep original rotation when setting “driven by”-property
  • Interactive differential example
  • Twist option to twist a 3d gear
  • New interactive organ example
  • Dynamic batching indicator in GFGearGen information block in inspector gives you an indication if the gear is below unity’s vertex threshold for batching
  • Autoset number of teeth on new gear now disabled by default (auto enabled when gear gets cloned) to improve user workflow
  • performance test example added for quick proofing if a device is capable for a user defined amount of gears (and also a great simple example of how to instantiate gears by just a few lines of code)
  • Reduced overhead and cpu cycles
  • Tested for mobile
  • All examples converted for Unity Free users

Version 1.2 (23-01-2013):

  • GFGearGen: “Align Radius With Parent” added. It will be checked by default and will appear if you uncheck the “Align Teeth With Parent”.
  • GFMachine: Documented the step method for interactive use of the machine.
  • Bugfixes and performance optimalization

Version 1.1 (19-11-2012):

  • Auto align feature now supports difference in radius
  • Some fields converted to slider input control for more convenience and preventing wrong values
  • Included tutorial scenes
  • Included tutorial document
  • Unity 3d version 4 is now supported