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Maze Factory

Maze Factory by Atomic Crew is a Unity3D component suite for procedural mazes.

In short: create a-maze-ing stuff and then get lost.

Create random generated mazes by simply drag-and-drop.

For development information, please view our Maze Factory documentation.

Our interactive-click-to-generate-a-maze-on-a-cube-side demo: watch our cube maze webdemo

Our interactive-monster-free-maze demo: watch our first person maze webdemo

Support thread available here, on the unity3d forums.

A brief instruction in how to use them:

  1. Create an empty game object, let’s rename it to MyMaze
  2. Drag the Maze Factory > MazeFactory script onto the MyMaze object
  3. Create a wall element (a cube, mesh, trees etc.) and make sure it has a collider attached
  4. Drag the wall element to the “Block” property of MyMaze object in the inspector
  5. Check “preview in editor” propery in the inspector
  6. Click “update in editor” in the inspector
  7. You now have your new maze available in the editor
  8. Check “random seed” in the inspector to randomize between updates or when you press play

Suggestion: if you like to exchange levels, save your game or create a multiplayer game where you want your maze to match your opponents:
Leave random seed disabled and use your widthCells + heightCells + seed value as your level identifier.

Suggestion 2: if you would like your entrance and exit point to remain at the same location to fit a static scene with a random maze for instance:
Check use “fixed begin end” in the inspector and specify with “fixed begin y” and “fixed end y” where those points are.

Feature list:

– All sourcecode included (C#)

– All examples included

– Separation of concern (possibility to write your own visualisation procedure)

– Random seed

– Randomizer through wrapper (possibility to connect your own)

– Walls are built out of 3d tiles (possibility for a game mechanic like for example destroying a limited amount of walls to cheat your way out)

– In-editor preview of generated maze

– Fixed or random entrance/exit (possibility to connect multiple mazes: watch our cube maze webdemo )