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Rock factory

Rock Factory is a Unity component suite for procedural rock creation.

Create rocks, stones, boulders, pebbles by one single click. Use your own material or the included shader for high quality highly customizable looks.

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  • All sourcecode included (C#)
  • All examples included w/source (C#)
  • Full control on geometry creation and displacement
  • Using standard mesh (no additional GPU cost over handmade model)
  • Easy bake-and-export to prefab, unity .asset or .obj file.
  • Configurable uber-shader included (with source)
  • Shader supports edge wear and detail overlay
  • Backwards compatible with default or other shaders.
  • Multiple geometry algorithms
  • Multiple displacement patterns
  • Multiple settings per side
  • Both foldout as standard textures supported
  • Custom size
  • Custom pivot
  • Angle threshold to smooth faces
  • Enable/disable sides
  • Displacement amount
  • Displacement map with parameter preview
  • Mapping and sampler settings global and per side overridable
  • Rock Factory shader communication: configurable edge wear angle
  • Rock Factory not needed anymore when asset is exported
  • Random seed to save your favourite random value


Rock Factory landscape example is included with Rock Factory. It features terrain detail meshes, level of detail, terrain integration and a variety of rocks, stones, pebbles and boulders.


CaptureInspector RFRock
The custom editor allows you to keep in control with the many parameters the engine provides, by only presenting the ones you need and hiding the ones you don’t. Switch to advanced mode to really get in control. The displacement map overview allows you to give visual feedback for all of the settings you’ve changed.

CaptureInspector RFRock Material
Rock Factory comes with its own shader which you can use on your rocks. You can switch parts of the shader on or off, allowing you to reduce GPU cost. It features overlay blended detail maps, custom specular lighting calculation and edge wear effect (only usable in combination with rock factory). You can, however, always use any other shader you like, as all rocks are real non-GPU generated meshes.


Watch some simple rock examples in our interactive web demo:

Rock Factory web demo










The following video gives a first look at some of the possibilities. All graphics are realtime in-editor recorded.


Some Rock Factory examples from the field:

Floating islands

Documentation & Support

Download the owner’s manual here.

For development information, please view our Rock Factory documentation.

Support thread on Unity3D support forum









Version 1.05 (26-07-2014):

  • Zoom factor for displacement maps.
  • Auto rebuild on all changes (togglable).
  • Taper deformation (strength and center for all three dimensions)
  • Taper curve (shape rock deformation using a curve)
  • Included the owner’s manual

Version 1.04 (06-07-2014):

  • Bugfix in material editor.
  • Added tint color to shader.

Version 1.03 (28-05-2014):

  • Bugfix for using with GearFactory

Version 1.02 (05-04-2014):

  • Assets cleanup
  • Included a Unity Free version of lake example
  • Fixed all warnings

Version 1.01 (26-03-2014):

  • Initial release